Why Is Your HVAC Diffuser Making Noise?

Posted by Virginia Proano on May 18, 2020 10:42:51 AM
Virginia Proano

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All air diffusers connected to your heating and/or cooling duct system make some noise when the system’s fan is running.

This is normal, but you may ask yourself: When is too loud, not normal?

There are a multitude of sounds you may hear coming from your HVAC system, but the most common feedback heard from consumers is that their air diffuser is making a high-pitched, tuning-fork type of sound. There are many reasons one can argue why this is, such as a dirty air filter or a blocked return vent.

Where the dirty filter acts like a barrier to return air, forcing the blower to work harder and longer to circulate air; and the return vent may be blocked to dust or other debris.

Fixing these issues is quite simple. First, you’ll want to check if the filter is dirty, and if it is (filled with a vast amount of dust) clean it or replace the filter. Same goes for the blocked return vent. Make sure to clean it, so air can easily pass through.

Other issues consist of technical problems that cannot be resolved as quickly as it is to clean your vent or filter. These are the major issues we would like to focus on because they are crucial when it comes to deciding what air diffuser one should get for new projects and renovations.

Common errors seen today, is that only the opening for the air diffuser is measured.

A key component to measuring for a new diffuser, is the ductwork it will be connected to. A lack of air return can be due to undersized or poorly designed ductwork. The diffuser and ductwork should be measured as one whole unit. Once that measurement is acquired, only then you’ll be sure to get a diffuser that works perfectly for that specific area and ductwork.

Another issue we need to account for is the material used to create these air diffusers. Popular air diffusers and grilles are made from metal (commonly aluminum or steel). Standard aluminum vents are not meant to absorb sound, many will create vibrations and have whistle like sounds. This is a problem you’ll potentially have every time your system is running. These vibrations and noises will get louder depending if the correct diffuser is chosen for the ductwork and diffuser opening. As well as, if a correct diffuser is chosen for the required CFM (air volume) for that specific area.

This is why, we recommend purchasing an air diffuser that is not made from metal, rather a diffuser made from an alternative material.

If the CFM for a diffuser is too high, air will be forced out from a small opening, causing a high-pitched whistling noise, as well as high static pressure which could choke your entire system.

The CFM should always be carefully calculated, so the correct overall size and opening of the diffuser is chosen.

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InviAir’s diffusers are the solution to many of the noise related issues commonly seen today.

The composite material used to make our air diffusers, absorb sound rather than amplify it, so there's no annoying vibration or whistle sound. Also, there are no metal blades used in the creation of our diffusers. Blades are replaced by slots (opening within the diffuser), so there are no moving parts. This way, our diffusers don’t run the risk of creating vibrations or noise.

That makes Invi’s seamless air diffusers perfect for homes, schools, office buildings, medical facilities and other places where people are frequently using the space and noise is a concern.

If we were to summarize the factors that you need to consider before choosing a diffuser, these would it: 

  1. The material used to create the diffuser. 
  2. The CFM (air volume) should be carefully calculated for the overall size and opening of the diffuser.
  3. The ductwork and diffuser should be measured as one whole unit, so the correct measurement is acquired. 
  4. Lastly, the ceiling height of where the diffuser will be installed in. 

Please contact Invi to speak with one of our sales engineers for a free consultation:

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