When is a Seamless Air Diffuser Right – or Wrong – For Your Job?

Posted by Staff on Jun 6, 2019 9:34:05 AM

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You may be considering Seamless Air Diffusers as you begin the process of designing and constructing your next residential or commercial building. Unlike traditional air diffusion systems with large, obvious vents and air registers, seamless diffusers blend into a building or room.

Seamless Air Diffusers Are the Right Answer For Many Jobs

Seamless Air Diffusers come with a host of benefits, including:

  • Direct, flush installation that frees you from designing around air vents and registers.
  • Lack of rattling or whistling that occur with traditional HVAC materials like aluminum.
  • Composite materials that are durable, resist moisture and are fire retardant.
  • Reduced condensation on the diffuser thanks to special composite materials.
  • Customizable options that let you control the size, shape, and angle of the slots used for air diffusion.
  • Excellent flexibility in design for any retrofit or historical building renovation.

But there may be times when a Seamless Air Diffuser simply isn't the answer for the job you're working on.

Here are some differences in comparing the two types of diffusers:

Standard Diffusers —You don't care what it looks like

If appearance isn't an issue, you might not care about sight-lines or the way that traditional vent panels and registers stand out.

Seamless Air Diffusers — Desirable in top-of-the-line, streamlined designs for residential and commercial buildings

Seamless Air Diffusers are also noted for the ability to match them closely to existing surroundings on retrofit projects and to allow painting or finishing that blend into gypsum, wood or acoustical ceilings.

Standard Diffusers — You're not worried about noise

Standard aluminum vents are not meant to absorb the sound, many will create vibrations and have whistle like sound.

Seamless Air Diffusers — A much quieter output is needed

When air diffusers are built directly into the drywall or ceiling tiles using composite materials, the result is a much quieter output than you'd get from standard aluminum vents. The composites used to make Seamless Air Diffusers absorb sound rather than amplify it, so there's no annoying vibration or whistle sound. That makes Seamless Air Diffusers perfect for homes, schools, office buildings, medical facilities and other places where people are frequently using the space and must be able to hear.

Standard Diffusers — If you have plenty of time to install

Typical standard air diffusers come in a box ready for your installation. Set some time aside to make sure you read up on all the instructions as needed. Depending on the diffuser you purchase it may be more complicated than you may think.

InviAir Seamless Air Diffusers

The production team at InviAir make a point of working closely with architects and contractors to quickly make changes and deliver materials on tight schedules. Systems are made in the U.S. and can easily be shipped anywhere in the world. Plus, our Modern Air Diffusers are typically installed with one trip to the job site, unlike traditional systems that require at least two visits.

Standard Diffusers: If you don't need installation support

Majority of standard diffusers do not come with much support. If they do, an email is typically needed. Once they receive your email, you may hear back in 1-2 days.

InviAir Seamless Air Diffusers

InviAir's professionals offer support for all our products. Our support begins with detailed instructions for installation and instructional videos available in three languages. Any questions can rapidly be answered via dedicated phone support, email support or even on-site support as needed. Our experienced support team can help with almost all concerns you may have. But you may not need this level of support if an issue arises.

If you're looking for customized, attractive air diffusion options that are quiet, utilize materials that improve HVAC performance and resist condensation and make limited noise -- or if you have no deadlines to meet for your project – then Seamless Air Diffusers might be your best option. Contact InviAir's skilled professionals for more information on Seamless Air Diffusion systems and how you can integrate them into your residential or commercial building design.

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