Need To Replace Your Old & Sweaty Air Diffuser?

Posted by Virginia Proano on Jan 7, 2020 5:12:26 PM
Virginia Proano

Try Out Our Retrofit Diffuser!

inviair retrofit diffuser

Congratulations! You’ve decided to remodel but one thing for sure, you are absolutely not looking into investing lump sums of money into this project. At the same time, you don’t want to make any mistakes remodeling, especially when it comes to new material and their performance. You are definitely not looking forward to having remodeled a beautiful project, just to find out that your current air diffuser is an eyesore. Above that, you are having some serious noise and condensation issues.

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Luckily for you, here at InviAir we have dedicated ourselves to resolving issues just like these and so many more. It all started with a small team of HVAC professionals with over 40 years of experience who recognized these disturbing problems and worked endlessly to find a solution. Through a few years of trial and error, they discovered an innovative composite material that would ultimately cut condensation by as much as 95%. Compared to metal, the surface of our composite material does not go below dew point; therefore Invi’s diffusers do not condensate. Thus, we are confident that not only will we resolve your noise and condensation problems, but we will also provide an aesthetically pleasing air diffuser. 

You may be asking yourself; ‘what exactly do I need to do to get one of their air diffusers in my already modeled location?’ We’re glad that you are asking yourself this; because we have some exciting news we would like to share. There won’t be the need to start a project over just so you can input our air diffusers, and you won’t have to do any major construction work either! 

That is why we have created the Invi retrofit diffuser. Our retrofit diffuser is a great option for those working on renovation projects and want to replace their existing diffusers without doing any major construction work. 

3944E656-49BA-4624-BC11-31DA26C0CEF5The retrofit diffuser is made to fit directly into an existing frame and duct opening. It also works wonderfully for unconventional ceiling or wall structures that cannot accommodate standard diffusers. Best of yet, our retrofit option is offered in a framed and seamless finish.

InviAir’s founders didn't just want to develop something for new projects, but they also wanted to help those who already have a finished product. They wanted to push the limits of innovation and create a product that functioned at peak performance and happens to look great in the process.





Installation Types We Offer

Framed Mud-in version Mud-in Option

  • This version of Invi retrofit diffuser will be flush mounted to the drywall ceiling or wall.
  • Product will fit into the existing plenum box.
  • You will need to cut the dry wall to the size of product frame, then tape & spackle to finish.

Framed w-ScrewsFramed with Screws Option

  • In this version, the Invi diffuser will have a frame.
  • Installation will not require any adjustments on the ceiling frame, plenum box or drywall.
  • This installation type is recommended in case the plenum box doesn’t have vertical flanges inside.  Your diffuser will be framed with pre-drilled holes and we’ll provide the screws as well.
  • As a final product, you will have a framed, yet clean looking diffuser. You can patch the screws and paint the diffuser to match your ceiling or wall.

Spring connection Framed with Spring Connection

  • In this version, the Invi diffuser will have a frame, but no screws.
  • It is designed for existing plenum box with vertical flanges inside. Our diffuser is designed to sit securely on the flanges. 
  • As a final product, you will have a framed, yet clean looking diffuser. You can paint the diffuser to match your ceiling or wall

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Who We Are

InviAir is a manufacturer of wall and ceiling air diffusers for HVAC systems that can be built-in to the ceiling plane. Our groundbreaking designs blend discreetly into the interior architecture like no other product. InviAir’s founders are HVAC professionals, with a combined experience of over forty years in the industry.

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